Wednesday, 25 November 2015

You’re fired! - Part two

You’re fired! - Part two

You’ve probably never heard of me. Yet, I had worked on ad campaigns for some very big companies over those thirty years. And so that was another problem that was bugging me me with my work. I was very rarely allowed to even sign my work, and my illustrations had an ‘short shelf life’, (easy for you to say, Daviz!)

I was one of many unsung heroes in the advertising game. A backroom boy. I wanted some of the glory! And so, I fired myself, and embarked on my new venture - Davizindustries. With my agent gone, work was pretty thin on the ground. I couldn’t waste any time. I set to work on an educational poster. it was to be based on the Department of agriculture and fisheries posters that used to decorate fish and chip shops here in the UK.They were a sea fish identity charts. I was always fascinated by them. This was the sort of thing…

Not very decorative is it. My idea was to create something of beauty, that would grace anyone’s wall.  I struggled…

I hated this, it was the same old shite I had been doing for ages. Then, over dinner in a restaurant in Amsterdam, my beautiful partner reminded me of a Christmas card I had designed, she pointed out that the basic shape of the whale was right there!

It was!

It was a fantastic Eureka moment! So, using a basic D shape I could now design, rather than draw my poster.

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