Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Jamie Drum's Massive Recovery

Many people have said to me "Oi Daviz! I can't find a copy of your book 'Jamie Drum's Massive Recovery' anywhere!" After a brief shelf life at the end of the nineties it seems my one and only book to be published, is now sadly out of print. The original publisher, Element Children's Book are now defunct, their list (including 'Jamie Drum's Massive Recovery') being aquired by Chrysalis Books who in turn where taken over by Anova Books, who claim to have no knowledge of Jamie Drum or his Massive Recovery. Which is a shame, because I believe this story has a good positive message which (along with allopathic medicine) could be of great benefit to a sick child that you know.

With that in mind, I've taken back ownership of the copyrights and decided to publish the book on line, and until someone complains - this is where it's staying. It's free to download and distribute. Enjoy.

Bos Vegas
20th October 2008


  1. Jeez. I hope you had copy edit help with the original book.
    That should be "this is where it's staying."

  2. Wups! Apparently no copy edit on the book, either.
    "urge to see the scar THAT runs the entire length of her body."


  3. What a mess that PDF file is. Pages all out of order, a complete jumble.

    Not funny. Not even inadvertently funny.

    Incompetent, actually.

  4. Well, considering the amount of people who I know/have known that have had to deal with cancer... this is an amazing book. It's message is more important than the comments by Brian who possibly never leaves the house and is suffering for a severe case of 'boredom'. Maybe you should write a book on how to be more positive, how to identify what is important in life, how to channel ones anger elsewhere, and coping with 'boredom'. Then I can send it to Brian...

    Thank you for this book... I love it (O:X